Nike Uses A Leader R&D Strategy To Achieve Differentiation
Corporations that depend on technology for their success are becoming increasingly concern with the development of R&D strategies that complement business-level strategies. One of the R&D choices is to be either a leader or a follower.
By R. Buderi
Bed and Breakfast Inns - Five Tips to Attract Customers During Lean Months
Like the way the oceans' tides are predicted by the moon, hotels, resorts and bed and breakfast inns experience the ebb and flow of tourists and visitors during different times of the year. The hot summer months and holidays like Halloween...
By Scott Richardson
Since When is Poor Service the Customer's Fault?
After running several errands, my husband and I stopped at a local chain restaurant for dinner Monday evening. We typically eat at the bar as there are several TVs lining the header of the bar, and its provides a great way to catch up on the day.
By Tammy AS Kohl
How to Build an Empire With Business Cards
Today, most business owners don't realize the importance of using a simple business card to generate tons of new customers. It simply does not matter what kind of business you are in, you have to utilize this primitive business technique in order...
By Robert Short
Frequent Mistake #3 While Naming a New Company or New Product
Too often, business owners strain for an unusual name, just for the sake of attention. And the very unusualness of the name then becomes a serious liability. Sometimes, a name that is simple and clear is best. Here's why, with two examples.
By Marcia Yudkin
What Science Says About Selecting the Best Business Name for Your Company
If you turn away from the idea of naming as a black art, you can find some secrets of branding in scientific studies that have been published after having been reviewed by academic authorities as reliable. Here are four points on which researchers...
By Marcia Yudkin
Generate Your New Product Name: Brainstorming Tips
Use these nine methods of brainstorming to pile up loads of naming ingredients for your new product. Then combine and tweak them to create possible names. Have fun while doing this, because a playful attitude promotes creativity.
By Marcia Yudkin
Five Ways to Make Your Company Slogan Catchy or Your Tag Line Terrific
Your company slogan should say something interesting in a snappy way. It performs marketing magic by making the company stand out from competitors and stick in the minds of customers. In this article, we start with a couple of bland company names...
By Marcia Yudkin
A Company Catchphrase: Creating a Motto or Slogan That Promotes Your Business
Catchphrases, mottoes and slogans truly influence customers, and that's why you want one for your own company. In just three steps, here's how to make one up for your company.
By Marcia Yudkin
Can Branding Ever Be Heart Centered?
Sometimes the world delivers up vocabulary words that are just plain wrong. Painfully wrong. Words like "branding," which the world of marketing seems to love, but regular folks and cows just seem to hate. And it's because of how branding has often..
By Mark Silver
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