Plan Your Event to Increase Profit
When it comes to planning a live event you have the opportunity to expose your business to a new potential revenue stream. There are several ways in which you can benefit from live events in order to make a profit, however the manner in which you...
By Dave Matthews
Increase Profits Through Increased Customer Retention
Significant changes in customer retention rates have resulted in extraordinary improvements in profitability. One survey found that a 5% increase in customer retention consistently resulted in a 25% to 100% increase in profits.
By Tammy AS Kohl
5 Reasons For Using Your Brand For Better Success
The best and most effective method of making yourself look different when compared to your other competitors is to make a personal brand for yourself. The creation of a personal brand will make you look outstanding when compared to others like you.
By Anna Stewart
Win the Support of Your Customers
When you are operating a business, you surely want somebody to do the promotional things for you. If you want to enjoy a free service of promotion from people, you could try to turn your existing customers into your fans so they would try...
By Jack Wylde
Key Elements of a Good Business Strategy
A majority of entrepreneurs fail to observe follow-up. This bad habit or negligence may cost them big time. They are not loosing their potential clients but also losing...
By Jack Wylde
How to Have a Good Relationship With Your Client
In a business, there are many figures indicating whether the business is successful or not. Among all the complicated figures, there is actually one indicating the percentage of clients making a second purchase in the business.
By Jack Wylde
Printing And Mailing: Promoting Your Business Vs. Saving The Postal Service
As we all know, the United States Post Office is having some issues - facing billions of dollars in losses and kicking around a few ideas to cut costs - curtailing delivery on Saturday, or only delivering every other piece of junk mail...
By Bailey Stone
Carrying Tiny Billboards In Your Pockets
Your business card is your identity in a small format. Because it is typically the first introduction a client has with your company, it is vitally important to have a card that puts across the right message.
By Bailey Stone
3 Reasons Why Customer Relationship is Important in Small Businesses
Being a small online business owner it is evident that your objective is to promote sales and increase your income. So it becomes very important to maintain cordial relationship with your customers. Do not think that a successful sale is the...
By Simon Johnnson
Creative Target Markets For Your House Cleaning Business
A residential home cleaning business is a great small business to own because there are often low start up costs and low overhead costs. If you are running a residential home business, then you may find it difficult to get new clients, especially ..
By D. Roth
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