7 Lessons I Learned From My Dad's Bankruptcy
A defining moment in my life was at the age of 16 when my dad went bankrupt. He owned his own business and was really passionate and knowledgeable about his product. But what he wasn't so passionate and knowledgeable about was Sales and Marketing.
By Dylis Guyan
10 Tips for Better Customer Service
The most important things on the company agenda is to get customers, as they are the one and only thing that keeps a company running. If you want your business to become more profitable you need to improve your customer service.
By Emil Stoev
Holiday Marketing - Plan for Your Best Year Ever
Tis the season to go marketing... Why do most love holiday marketing so much? Because it's a great way to go into the New Year with more clients and more sales and at the same time, connect on a deeper level with your clients and potential clients.
By Diana Ennen
5 Highly Effective Methods For Boosting Business Productivity
Most small business owners put all their energy into raising a new firm from scratch but overtime, they become more laid back in terms of achieving set targets that considerably decreases the productivity of the business. The number one rule...
By Lou Harty
5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Faced With Negative Online Reviews and What to Do About Them
It's a business fact that every now and then something goes awry and a customer ends up being upset. And when a customer feels your product or service didn't live up to their expectations, sometimes they want to tell the world. Loudly. And it's not..
By Susan Friesen
Creating a Brand For Your Small Business
It can be difficult enough to determine and establish a company's brand when it's just starting out, but when you compound the issue with tight resources, it can seem almost impossible. A brand goes beyond a logo or a color scheme - it's how a...
By Taylor Thomas
Marketing Strategies to Implement Into Your Business
Having a clear idea for your marketing plan can help your business reach and maintain customers. While every business will have its own unique products, goals, and a certain amount of resources with which to maintain those products and goals...
By Taylor Thomas
Networking Tips
Whether you're looking for a job, hoping to advance in your chosen career path, or want to reach out to potential clients, networking is one of the best professional skills you can use to meet these goals. In the most basic sense, networking is a...
By Taylor Thomas
Researching Your Company's Competition
You love owning and operating your own business, so it makes sense that you want it to prosper, grow, and become better year after year. You do this by focusing on offering consumers a reliable product or service, providing outstanding customer...
By Taylor Thomas
Increase Sales by Increasing Customer Loyalty
If you are a business owner or work in a business where you work with customers, customers want some customer loyalty. What does that include? Here are a few examples of what this means. This can be pretty helpful to ensure that your customers...
By Adrianna Noton
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