Low Cost Lawn Service Advertising Ideas That Work

There are a number of low cost lawn service advertising ideas that work, however many people are not even aware that they exist. While these options are inexpensive, that does not mean that they are ineffective. The key to all of these techniques allowing your customers to do the advertising for you.

Low Cost Lawn Service Advertising Ideas That Work

1. It Only Takes One

In order to leverage the power of your customers, you first must have have a customer base. One of the best ways to gather new customers is to focus your efforts on "friendly" neighborhoods, which are neighborhoods where everyone talks to each other. In order to get your first customer, you can offer your services to one house for free, in exchange for allowing you to put a sign with your logo in their front yard. This will ensure that people in the area will talk about your service, which builds brand recognition. You only need to offer your services for free for a month or less; just enough time to get people talking.

2. Say HI

When you are working on a lawn, always make sure that you acknowledge and say hi, to other homeowners in the neighborhood This makes your lawn service seem more personal and friendly. It is surprising how many new client you can get from a quick, casual conversation.

3. Bulk Discounts

This strategy is most effective when you already have one or two customers in the area already. It is particularly successful in cul de sac's and areas that have homeowner covenants. Let them know that if everyone uses your service, everyone will get a certain discount, like 10% of their total bill, or 20% off of your upper-tier or extra services.

4. Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff and lawn services can give away free services without incurring a large expense. For example, every customer that stays with you for a full season could receive a free "fall lawn preparation". This doesn't have to be anything major, in fact, it could be a few basic services with the option to purchase additional services. When spring rolls around, offer your customers from the previous year a free "basic spring lawn preparation", with additional services available for purchase. This will make it much more likely that they will use you again for the upcoming season.

How Are These Lawn Service Advertising Ideas Low Cost?

Some of these ideas may seem a little pricey initially, but they create long term savings. All of these tactics focus on dominating one neighborhood or covenant at a time. This means that your workers will not be driving all over, but rather taking care of 4-5 lawns without ever needing to move a truck. Your workers will also be able to accomplish more in less time, because no time is wasted on transportation or loading and unloading equipment. Plus, if you dominate the neighborhood, it is much less likely that a competitor will steal your current clients, because everyone already knows and trusts you, which decreases the need to advertise in the future. Finally, all of these strategies leverage the power of word-of-mouth advertising, which is not only the least expensive, but also the most effective.

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