Are You an Advertising Victim?

Have you thrown good money after bad as a result of advertising disinformation & falsehoods which have robbed you blind?

I've spoken to plenty of people who have.

Business owners who didn't know any better. Business owners who took the advice of their sales rep on good merit. Business owners who hadn't listened to the suggestions in my newsletter.

Usually their story goes something like this...

They get a redundancy from their job (or just get fed up) and think let's start a business. Usually they know nothing or very little about marketing, (hey, we're not taught this stuff at school) so by the time there business has opened, they are expecting everyone to be flocking into it.

But nothing happens. And they start to worry.

Of course, most people aren't proactive, so the next thing that happens is they receive a knock on the door from their local advertising sales representative.

"The reason why you are not getting customers is because you need to advertise" they are told. Which in a sense is true. But only half true.

The real truth is if you want more customers, you need to:

Advertise in the right place with the right message... the right headline and the right offer. And you need to have a follow up campaign to ensure you get those customers to come back once they have bought once... to refer their friends and family to you... and to capture the ones who don't buy and turn them into customers too.

But of course the people selling you the advertising don't get paid to tell you that. So you never hear it. Nor do you get told to test your advertising message to see if it works before rolling out a big campaign.

Instead you get told something like this: if you would just advertise for 26 or 52 weeks, you'll get your name out there and everything will be hunky dory... in fact, your customers will be lining up and practically begging you to take their money.

Yeah, right. And pigs might fly too!

But if you haven't been educated, then you don't know that.

So you end up spending $300 a week on an ad for 52 weeks ($15,600) to find out an advertisement won't work... when you could have done a small test and found that out for $600.

There are three messages here:

Don't be an advertising victim. Don't trust anyone for advertising advice.

Educate yourself to ensure you don't get ripped off. Test everything in a small way first (before rolling out a larger campaign)

Nobody cares about your business as much as you do.

It's comparable to robbery... the way good, honest, decent business owners are misinformed about these things year in and year out.

But if you've fallen for these dirty little tricks - it's not your fault. You've just never been shown the way advertising works.

However if you place an advertisement or run a campaign without checking out this site or this site then you've only got yourself to blame.

Remember, if you take the gold out of your pockets and put it into your mind, your mind will fill your pockets with gold.

As a direct response copywriter, Scott Bywater strives to educate business owners on how to generate more leads, get more of the "right type" of customers, differentiate themselves from their competition, and convert their leads into sales via his underground and "outside of the box" strategies. You can get his copywriting and marketing tips delivered to your inbox via his eye opening "Copywriting Selling Secrets" newsletter available at

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