Why CCTV Installation for Work and Home is Essential

It’s hard to imagine a time before CCTV. It used to be something we may have been skeptical of or felt self-conscious around. Everyone has their opinions on surveillance and privacy, but we’re also living in an age where crime and deviance are different from what it used to be. That puts security higher on our list of priorities than it has needed to be before. With the contents of our hard drives now just as important as the contents of our wallets, we need to adapt and put more of an effort into protecting ourselves, our homes and our businesses.

In this day and age, our business premises may be the area of our lives most at risk. These premises are the places that allow us to keep the lights on in our homes and put food on our tables. Keeping them safe from external as well as internal threats is imperative. Luckily this is no longer an expensive luxury for the few; it is now an affordable and essential feature for any small or medium business.

High definition (HD) closed circuit television (CCTV) is a camera network system that allows business owners to monitor the interior and exterior of their business premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides numerous benefits and makes sure that everything that happens at business premises is recorded and kept. This can make any potential future disputes with employees, ex-employees, neighboring businesses or visitors come down to the recorded facts rather than individual accounts. For example, if a former employee has been accused of fraud and had their employment contract terminated. As a result, this can be the difference between proving their guilt (or innocence) or risking further fraud which can be very dangerous for business, its staff, and its clients.

CCTV in a workplace can also be used to solve disputes between workers, reduce abuse among staff members or property, deter negligence or foul play and will cause hesitation in an employee before they consider any of the above. A small camera in an office itself can act as a method of monitoring a workforce as well as the consumption of office/work supplies. That will increase productivity, respect for the environment and cut costs in the long run. As indisputable recorded video evidence is readily available at any time to an owner or manager being bogged down in conflicted arguments of any given dispute ceases to be an issue. Many employers have been bogged down by tricky moral quandaries in the past and are often forced to give someone the benefit of the doubt despite their better judgment, imagine if this could be eliminated.

Protecting the workplace and its staff from external threats is also a priority for many business owners and managers. In recent years we have seen many unfortunate events transpire which have made the news or been shared on social media. These cases range from small acts of vandalism that could have been avoided to some truly horrific crimes against an organisation and its staff.  Many of these cases should be viewed as a cautionary tale to other business owners. We all have a responsibility to ourselves, our staff and our belongings and precautions need to be made if the worst should happen. Thieves, vandals or disgruntled individuals for any reason sadly do exist and can be unpredictable when choosing their victims. HD CCTV may not be able to prevent such crimes, but it will serve as a deterrent and as a means of bringing the perpetrator to justice.

In regards to productivity having CCTV on site can allow managers and business owners to monitor performance. Not only will employees understand they are being monitored to encourage them to behave appropriately, but they will understand that their suitability to the position is also under scrutiny. Employees looking to progress in their careers and succeed will want to help the organisation to succeed by doing the best job they can. These individuals will soon become noticed. Monitoring staff this way can help dictate work and staff flow in the long-term and monitor work efficiency in the short term. Everyone can progress together in this scenario, and an organisation can better understand its strengths and limitations, and that of its employees. We all want to trust our employees to do the right thing when our backs are turned, and this is the way to make sure we can.

Many modern businesses must also comply with Data Protection, and sensitive and private documents or information must be handled with care. Installing HD CCTV can make this easier, allowing an organisation to keep track of where certain things are and by tracking the comings and goings of individuals and items. Taking an inventory of products in storage or items in circulation can be difficult to track on occasion, and valuable or smaller items are easier to lose sight of. Having all this recorded provides a certain peace of mind to any manager or business owner.

Where the sayings ‘the camera doesn’t lie’ or ‘pictures tell a thousand words’ may be old cliché’s and may cause us to roll our eyes, the message they deliver has never been so true. HD CCTV footage provides an accurate reflection of past and current events. It provides a clear, unbiased and original account of viewable facts, completely undisputable and undistorted.

When considering HD CCTV in business premises, it’s important to view it as an investment in a businesses future. Like any investment worth doing it will pay off dividends in the end. All business owners want their organisations protected inside and out. Be it physically, financially or even ethically, HD CCTV can be the first step to improving a business. HD CCTV deters external theft, vandalism, as well as internal corruption and abuse. The improvements it creates in productivity over time reason enough to invest. All in all the incredible benefits of installing HD CCTV in work premises are too numerous to count.

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