Site Safety Training is Paramount to All

Risk assessment is a term that means something different to different industries and businesses. If you are working in a financial sector business, the risk assessment is likely to concern suppliers and customers and the financial dealings with them. In a construction firm, one of the key risk assessments has to centre on the safety of the work site. This is where site safety training can greatly improve the safety of the site and reduce the risk involved for the workforce. All employers should have a duty of care to their staff which means they should have safety training at the top of their list of priorities.

There are many different factors which will impact on the type of site safety training that is right for you. The size of the company is an obvious factor. If the workforce is small, the team is likely to be experienced in working in this sector and may only need a top-up or refresher of the safety guidelines. A firm with a larger number of employees may experience a greater turnover of staff which means that they will need to regularly provide training to staff members. Every new employee will have to go through an induction course to ensure they know the guidelines before they step onto the construction site.

There are some site safety training courses which are only meant for management levels. These will detail the exact regulations, the possible penalties for not adhering to the guidelines and the ways to ensure that the message is provided to all staff members. An overview approach can be taken as long as the information is correctly disseminated to everyone involved. Many firms like this style of training as it should reduce the cost element to the firm but if the message is not properly passed on, it can be a wasted opportunity. Sometimes this level of training is not sufficient and some or all site staff will have to achieve safety qualifications.

Depending on the element of work involved, there may be a requirement for the site safety training to take place on site. This can be a factor if certain products or machinery are being used in the workplace. As more and more products are used in the workplace, the pace of change in the construction industry is increasing. The new products are helping to speed up and improve the quality of work being undertaken but they could be making it a more dangerous environment to work in. If you want to ensure your staff members are up to speed with all products, ensure the training is sufficient for what they need to know.

There are other types of site safety training that can take place in a classroom environment. Quite often, these courses may be concluded with an examination which the student needs to pass. This can be good for an employer as it ensures that the staff member understands the issues they have been taught and should hopefully make the workplace safer for all concerned. There are other elements which are also beneficial, for example the qualifications give the employee something else to add to their CV and the firm has a more experienced workforce. But overall, ensuring the safety of the site is likely to be the number one factor of these courses.

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