Why CCTV Installation for Work and Home is Essential
CCTV or Security Cameras are a must have in most businesses and homes. You don't have to live in a high crime area to warrant a CCTV system since they can be used for many different reasons, not just crime prevention.
By Mick Gay
Success of Business Management Depends on Security
Any employee needs to understand that these measures are of high importance and the business success depends on each of them. One of the most effective ways to preserve the needed security levels is to develop corporate security culture.
By Peter Morgans
Famous Bodyguard Organizations Throughout History
Bodyguards provide both personal and home security and have protected some of the world's most influential people for hundreds of years. Well-known bodyguard organizations, both real and fictitious, have figured heavily in the media because they...
By Richard Armen
Workplace Safety Manual - Key Reasons Your Company Needs One
Not having a workplace safety manual puts your business in jeopardy. In the U.S. most employees are covered by a federal law, the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces the legal...
By Greg Schnoor
Preventing Falls Due to Slips and Trips in the Workplace
Falls due to slips and trips make up a significant percentage in what is called as time-loss injuries in the workplace. There is pain, suffering, and even death involved in these types of accidents.
By Adrianna Noton
Access Equipment Training PASMA or IPAF PAL Card
Operators of Access Equipment need the right training so they can work safely. In addition: a) Training lets employers comply with their obligations. "Working at Height Regulations 2005" (WAHR 05) requires that those involved in work at height...
By AG Bell
Tips For Paper Shredder Safety
Shredders are useful tools for destroying your confidential papers and preventing identity theft. However, these machines must always be used with safety in mind.
By Jeff McRitchie
Accidents at Work: 5 Step Checklist For Preventing Work Accidents
Work accidents can happen for a number of different reasons, but they often stem from a failure in health and safety practice somewhere along the line. For example, if new employees are not made aware of the dangers of the job, or if safety...
By Jessica A Parker
Industrial Accidents: Top 5 Dangers of an Industrial Working Environment
There are many potential dangers to workers in an industrial environment, this is why it is vital that employers and staff do all they can to ensure workplace safety Managers' health and safety duties will often include activities such as...
By Jessica A Parker
Site Safety Training is Paramount to All
Risk assessment is a term that means something different to different industries and businesses. If you are working in a financial sector business, the risk assessment is likely to concern suppliers and customers and the financial dealings with them.
By Trevor Healey
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