Business Management Plan as Way to Represent Your Business Opportunities

Those people that are going to start a new business will always experience a need in composing a business plan. But a business plan consists of a lot of parts and one of the necessary ones is considered to be a Management Plan. In other words, it is a written representation of your business team of workers and it is also another way to consider each member of your team that may be useful for your business.

Representing the members of your business and their high qualification will help you influence the opinion of your potential investors. Considering that you have a team of professionals, any investor will be confident that the money contributed will be used in the right way. The indications of the skills of your employees will make a great impression on your investors as well. Another section of the Business Management Plan is the presentation of your ownership structure. Any investor will be able to see the legal status of your business. It is not long and can consist of one sentence. But if there is a partnership, you will need to indicate all the legal structures of certain companies.

Also, you need to indicate functions of each person employed and it will be vivid who is responsible for each of the processes in the company. Your business needs to be divided according to the spheres of responsibilities and you will have a chance to control and manage all your business processes more effectively. Usually, business owners differentiate two main spheres of responsibilities which are Sales and Marketing. These are the most important categories and you need to pay attention to people that are hired on these positions.

Try hiring different people to different spheres of business and you will see that they will be more independent and will take sensible decisions. Each manager needs to know all the possible responsibilities and the control over performing is obligatory. Monthly financial and functional reports should be presented to you by each of the managers. To prove that your team works efficiently, you may present some pieces of your corporate chat.

Besides, your business plan needs to contain the resumes of each employee to see how effective a person may be. The team is not effective if there are no certain goals to be achieved and at the same time, certain rewards for the already achieved goals should be presented. You should not forget that your business management plan is an obligatory part of your business plan and it plays a great in attracting the funds of your potential investors. Try presenting information in a clear and professional way so that investors could come to a decision fast.

You may also involve your employees in creating a business management plan so that everyone could understand the missions of the company. Sometimes, investors want to talk to the whole team of professionals that will be realizing all the business missions. Remember that success of your business depends on your team.

Shaun Torton is a privileged member of US National Academy of Sciences (UNAS), and conducts researches in the sphere of financial management and control, available at

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