Work Uniforms: How to Design or Spruce Them Up

Most people hate their work uniforms. Rarely do you see or hear someone who is excited to wear his uniform before heading off to work. This isn't surprising, since most work uniforms are designed badly and are made from cheap, uncomfortable fabric.

You can break the mold, so to speak, and revolutionize a trend in work uniforms. Go through the tips below and use these to inspire you to create and spruce up your work uniforms, so you and your staff can wear them proudly, even after work is over.

1. Choose the right colors. You don't have to go with the company's official colors, if they don't really come off well as uniform colors. Orange, for instance, can be very unflattering for most people. Use colors that are light on the eyes, such as pale blue or green. Forgo colors that are too dark, since these can fade easily and dirt and smudges can be seen more. If you're not using company colors, think of embroidering a small company logo on the breast of a shirt or a dress.

2. Take into consideration your working environment. If your work place can become very hot during the summer, think of creating a set of uniforms specifically created for this season. Short-sleeved shirts made from light fabric are suitable for working in the summer. Likewise, you can create long-sleeved shirts and jackets in heavier fabric for winter use. Give options for your employees so they can tailor their wardrobe according to the season and the weather.

3. Think of your employees' responsibilities when designing uniforms. Females who work in a train route, for instance, should be dressed decently. Blouses should be made from soft fabric. They shouldn't be see-through either. Skirts should fall slightly above or below the knee as well. Wait staff for a restaurant on the other hand, should be able to have uniforms that are comfortable and easy to move with.

4. Get feedback from your staff. Get your employees involved in the design process when creating uniforms. Show them your ideas and drawings and urge them to let you know how they feel. They might even be able to give you a few creative and useful ideas. It's best to listen to feedback from your staff, since they will be wearing those uniforms all day, too.

5. Choose quality fabric. No one wants to spend nine hours in a day running around in itchy, uncomfortable fabric. High-quality fabric may cost more than man-made ones, but it's worth it to spend a little more for comfort. Have your employees check different types of fabric to see which is the most comfortable. Good fabric can also last years and won't shrink or become deformed in the dryer.

Most people think that uniforms are boring, but you can change all that. With a little creativity and the willingness to spend a little more, you can come up with uniform designs that are sure to be a hit in the workplace.

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