Why You Must Run an Employee Background Check Before You Hire Anyone

In a global economy that is becoming more competitive by the day, small businesses should be on the lookout for "resume fluffing." In a recent study, found that six percent of the information provided on job applications does not conform with the results of a professional background check. There is more to worry about than potential employees lying on their applications. Not only are the pitfalls of everyday business more prevalent in a down economy; they are also more costly.

Employees aren't the only people who need to be checked. Using independent contractors in your business may decrease your legal or financial responsibility, but your reputation is still on the line. Find a couple of reliable contractors with enough work forces to conquer a crisis, but no more than is necessary. Call their previous prospects and conduct background checks.

When a business atmosphere goes through a tough time, some contractors and employees will survive on their resume, while others depend on marketing and manipulation. Credibility has become more affordable and a successful business will look past a resume and do the due diligence required to protect their reputation from criminals and con artists.

Any business owner will tell you that managing a small to mid-size business involves a series of calculated risks. In order to be successful, a small business owner will master the tools at their disposal to separate reality from fantasy. Any claim that seems too good to be true should be verified. In order to be successful, a business owner needs to be protected from poor decisions. Desperate times lead some people to desperate measures including embellishing their skills and lying to get ahead. You want the credibility of the person you are bringing on board to hold up to highest scrutiny.

In the past you might need to use a third party service to conduct a background search but that is no longer the case. You don't have to wait in line at the court house either. You can get the same information available to professional private detectives. Using a reputable online website, you can do employee background searches quickly and easily.

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