How to Run an Employee Background Check
Employees are an important asset to a company or small business. They essentially are the driving force behind production or services rendered. Often employees are the representatives of the business, especially when dealing with customers or...
By Joe Hoover
Effective Techniques to Write a Job Description
Some job descriptions read like an operation manual because of their length and the amount of details contained therein. While such a manual should be part of what an employee should have access to, a job description is different.
By Loren Yadeski
Flexible Labor or Full-Time Employee: Which is Best For Your Business?
Do you know why you instantly eliminate up to 90 percent of available job candidates when you limit your search to temporary workers? If your firm struggles with efficiency or redundancy, do you know why immediately filling your full-time vacancy...
By Jim Wong
Uses and Limitations of Job Descriptions
Job descriptions have a wide application in every organization. They can be used to assess the need for employees' training and development. A job description that states the specific standards and output levels expected of an employee can...
By Loren Yadeski
Job Description - the Map and Picture of Your Role in the Company
Imagine going to a new place without being given any prior direction or instruction on how to go there. Or try to see in your mind's eye a negative print of the world's most beautiful flower garden.
By Loren Yadeski
The Importance of Job Descriptions - Giving Way to Ideas That Matter
Have you heard about the quality assurance tester who described his job as making people feel really bad about the work they did? It sounds ridiculous but nevertheless contains a grain of truth.
By Loren Yadeski
Why You Must Run an Employee Background Check Before You Hire Anyone
In a global economy that is becoming more competitive by the day, small businesses should be on the lookout for "resume fluffing." A recent study found that six percent of the information provided on job applications...
By Anna Crane