Do Right by Your Business: Choose the Right Cash Registers
One of the most vital steps in setting up a small business is to choose the right cash register. Easy as it sounds, people do not always make the right choices by their business. The most important question is the choice between whether...
By Michael TY. Ngo
Steps To Do A Company Voluntary Arrangement
If your company is under serious pressure, but should the historic debt be removed, the business remains viable, then a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) could be the answer. How Does a Company Voluntary Arrangement Work? It is a process agreed...
By Derek Cooper
3 Insider Secrets To Choosing A Debt Collection Agency
If you're looking to recover your overdue accounts finding a reliable, affordable and trustworthy debt collection agency can be daunting. With countless collection agencies of varying ethics and experience out there choosing the wrong agency...
By Angelo Ioanides
Could a Factoring Company Help Your Business Access the Funds You Need?
Businesses in a variety of industries often find that funds tied up in outstanding invoices could help them meet immediate financial obligations. Providing a service to customers usually warrants immediate payment, however most businesses offer...
By Toby Seibert
Why Businesses Need Receivable Factoring In Cash Flow Management
In today's business environment, many businesses need to fine-tune the process of getting paid on invoices, in order to improve their cash on hand. Improving cash flow can be an ongoing challenge for businesses of all sizes, and it is an issue that..
By Toby Seibert
How Factoring Companies Can Help Your Business Succeed
At the root of many successful businesses is an effective cash flow structure that is able to manage accounts receivable and lending against receivables. Cash flow management is vital to the profitability of a business, because commercial...
By Toby Seibert
Why Factoring Receivables Count for Your Business
If a business is having trouble keeping up with payables, due to unpaid invoices, the process can take a significant toll on the cash flow of the business. Helping to reduce this impact is a primary goal of a factoring company, and factoring...
By Toby Seibert
Factoring Receivables Can Allow Your Business to Turn Outstanding Invoices Into Usable Financing
If a company makes sales, it's likely that it has outstanding invoices. The customer orders a product or service. Then the seller creates an invoice and ships the product or completes the required service. And then, the seller waits for...
By Toby Seibert
The Importance of Invoice Factoring For Your Business
Invoice factoring is an important strategy for businesses of any size, and it provides an effective way to turn outstanding invoices into quick cash.
By Toby Seibert
Factoring Receivables: Can Businesses Benefit from an Advance of Funds Based on Accounts Receivables
The most important calculation on any balance sheet is the line where the expenses are subtracted from income, to determine a company's net profit. Many businesses struggle to simply make ends meet, when it comes time to pay the monthly bills and...
By Toby Seibert
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