A Short History of Venture Capital
In the first half of the 20th century (1900-1950)-- with very few exceptions-- venture capital investments were made by very wealthy families like the Rockefellers (Standard Oil), the Vanderbilt family (shipping lines and railroads)...
By Dr. Brent Lundell
Venture Capital Basics, Part 1
Venture capital, a subset of private equity investing, usually represents money provided by investors to small or start-up companies with perceived long-term growth potential. Venture capital can be injected into a company at any time the...
By Dr. Brent Lundell
Venture Capital Concepts, Part 4
What is a Lock up Period? What is a Master Limited Partnership (MLP)? What is Management Buy-In (MBI)? What is a Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies (MESBICS)? What is an Owner Employee? What is a Private Investment in Public...
By Dr. Brent Lundell
Venture Capital Concepts, Part 3
What is an Exit Route? The method through which an investor exit an investment. The exit route may occur by the investor taking cash, company debt. What is an "Exit Strategy" for a VC firm? The way a venture capitalist (VC) or business...
By Dr. Brent Lundell
Venture Capital Concepts, Part 2
How do you calculate capital gain on stock? The net sales price less your investment (adjusted tax basis) on the stock. Are capital gains short or long-term? Capital gains for tax purposes are calculated on assets held for over a year...
By Dr. Brent Lundell
Venture Capital Definitions, Part 1
What is an Accredited Investor? Accredited investor is a wealthy investor who meets certain SEC requirements for net worth and income as they relate to some restricted offerings. Who is included in the definition of Accredited Investors?
By Dr. Brent Lundell
Courier Delivery Services For International Shipping
Trade and business flourished with times, necessitating means for movement of business documents and articles across countries. Technology too advanced with time and this led to better means of transportation, not only of human beings but also...
By Adrianna Noton
How Can You Grow a Home Business?
Starting to work from home is a major event for most business people who actually try it. But you may find that you eventually reach a stage in the growth of your home business that feels like a solid brick wall.
By Naz Daud
Write a Great Business Plan - Now
You need to write a great business plan because a mediocre one just will not do. Not any more. Not in this turbulent financial time. Banks are stingy. Venture capitalists are stingier. And angel investors are probably the stingiest of all.
By MaryAnn Shank
Fast Information on Credit Solutions For Expanding Business
There exist quite a lot of advantages that can come from the reliable and useful credit offers many different banks might provide. This is especially true for the individuals that own their own business. There are many potential benefits and aids...
By Amy Nutt.
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