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Heart Valve Surgery to Repair the Mitral Valve
Blood flows to your heart in order to pick up more oxygen from your lungs. It comes into your right atrium before moving into your right ventricle
Category:   Heart Disease
Tests Used to Diagnose Lung Cancer
Evidence of lung cancer (LC) is often detected during a routine examination or while the doctor is taking x-rays to assess another condition. At that point, the disease is merely a suspicion.
Category:   Cancer
The Condition of Varicose Veins Described
A Varicose vein (which a vein that has become enlarged or swollen) usually presents as blue or dark purple in color, often have lumps, bulge and give the appearance of being twisted. Varicose veins mainly develop in the lower limbs with the calve...
Category:   Diseases and Conditions
The Treatment of Varicose Veins: Staging and Complications
Like many illnesses or conditions a system of staging is used to assess the severity of varicose veins and this then assists in providing the most appropriate treatment. There are eight stages, the first and best being "C0" where there are no...
Category:   Skin Care
What to Expect Following Lung Cancer Surgery
Depending on the stage of the disease, and the location and size of the tumor, you may be a candidate for lung cancer surgery. There are a few approaches and each is based on the growth of the abnormal mass.
Category:   Cancer