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Great Ideas For Home-Prepared Pug Treats
Finding the perfect and safe diet for your pet pug is getting to be a major challenge, and recent events are even making it more difficult for us. Just recently, we saw the recall of over 60 million pouches and cans of assorted dog and cat food...
Category:   Pets
Grooming Your Pomeranian
A Pomeranian dog can be quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming. You need to pay more attention to your dog regularly, so that it always remains well groomed.
Category:   Pets
Guidelines and Tips For First Time Owners of Rottweilers
When we talk about Rottweiler, an image of an energetic and hyper-active dog usually comes to mind. That is what we normally think of every time Rottweiler becomes the center of discussion. For those who are seriously considering owning...
Category:   Pets
Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
One of the most common conditions in veterinary practice, and one that I quickly learned to caution prospective puppy owners about, is hip dysplasia. It is a term you come across often when you are looking at adopting a large or giant breed puppy...
Category:   Pets
Hormones and Weight Loss
There is an element of truth in the overused excused, "I have glandular problems". Although most cannot blame their weight problems completely on their hormones, hormones do affect weight.
Category:   Weight Loss
How to Deodorize Your Dog With Cornstarch?
Dogs are notorious for having "doggy odor" or "doggy breath," but just like us humans, dogs will each have their own unique scent. Dogs recognize each other from their odors, which is why they sniff each others' rear ends in greeting...
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How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Baby
Many new parents are understandably nervous and apprehensive about introducing a new baby to their dog, but with the right preparation such a meeting can be happy and free from problems. The time to begin preparing for the meeting is long before...
Category:   Pets
Integrating a Pomeranian Into Your Family
Getting a Pomeranian to your house is an easy task. However, what is not easy is integrating the dog into your family. To integrate the Pomeranian into your family, you have to...
Category:   Pets
Looking For a Unique Dog? Consider the Rhodesian Ridgeback
The dog world is blessed with many wonderful breeds, from the tiny Chihuahua to the giant Mastiff. However, dog lovers in search of a unique personality and an equally unique look may want to look a bit further a field for their new canine companion.
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Minutiae of the Pomeranian Dog
The Pomeranian dog is a small, long-haired, easy-to-carry dog breed of the Spitz type. Owing to its miniature size, dog breeders regard it as one toy dog. They originally bred it for becoming companion dogs, specifically for...
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