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Accident at Work: Should I Claim Compensation?
Claiming compensation following an accident at work can seem like a tricky business. You might be asking yourself questions like: Am I really entitled to compensation for my injuries?, What will my work colleagues think of me for making a work...
Category:   Health and Safety Law
Accident Claim Advice: Top 5 Tips For Holiday Accident Claims
Being involved in an accident abroad can be very traumatic. Not only is there the usual potential for injury and stress connected with accidents, there is also the added disorientation of being in a foreign country, where there may be...
Category:   Personal Injury
Accidents at Work: 5 Step Checklist For Preventing Work Accidents
Work accidents can happen for a number of different reasons, but they often stem from a failure in health and safety practice somewhere along the line. For example, if new employees are not made aware of the dangers of the job, or if safety...
Category:   Workplace Safety
Compensation Advice: Car Accident Compensation Claims
Road traffic accidents are one of the most common reasons for making a compensation claim. Most often, the resulting claim will be for the neck injury whiplash, which occurs as a result of the head being jolted backwards and forwards at speed...
Category:   Traffic or Vehicle Accidents
Contesting A Will - Know Your Rights
The time immediately following the death of a loved one is always a difficult time for all involved. This time can unfortunately be even more painful if there is confusion or dispute surrounding the manner in which the deceased's estate will be...
Category:   Wills, Trusts and Estates
Industrial Accidents: Top 5 Dangers of an Industrial Working Environment
There are many potential dangers to workers in an industrial environment, this is why it is vital that employers and staff do all they can to ensure workplace safety Managers' health and safety duties will often include activities such as...
Category:   Workplace Safety
Injury Advice: Head Injury Claims
The brain is very fragile, so any injury to the head has the potential to be a serious one if the brain is affected by it. When the brain is damaged the victim can suffer long-term complications and any number of mental and physical disorders...
Category:   Personal Injury
No Win No Fee Claims: Dos and Don'ts
A no win no fee personal injury claim is a claim for compensation where, if you lose your case, you do not have to pay any of your solicitor's normal fees or costs. If you are considering making a no win no fee claim then read this list of dos and...
Category:   Personal Injury
Personal Injury Claims: Three Ways Personal Injury Compensation Can Help You
Personal injury is a term describing an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as a result of the negligence, or fault, of another party. There are many different types of personal injury, some of the most common being injuries from road accidents...
Category:   Personal Injury
Sports Accident Claims - Know Your Rights
As the sun comes out and more and more people head to their local parks and pitches, it's inevitable that sports injuries will happen, and most are completely unavoidable. A certain degree of risk is accepted when playing any sport and in most...
Category:   Personal Injury

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