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Different Kinds of Stones
It sits on the side of the curvy highway, a huge grey boulder, seeming to be a permanent landmark of this highway. As large as it is, you figure it's been there for centuries.
Category:   Nature
Hot Stone Massage Time
We live in such a fast-paced world these days. Remember the days when you could work 9 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday and call it good? These days most households, even with two full-time working adults work a minimum of fifty to sixty hours...
Category:   Fitness and Wellness
The Hot Stone Massage Experience
Never get enough of your regular massage, then its time to heat it up and get a hot stone massage. A variation on the traditional Swedish massage, the hot stone massage incorporates use of water heated hot stones and room temperature cool marble...
Category:   Fitness and Wellness
Traditional Massage Vs. Holistic Massage
All massages offer health benefits, but if you are into holistic medicine, you may want to consider finding a masseuse who also believes in these principles. Why?
Category:   Fitness and Wellness
Why You Should Get a Stone Massage
Tired and bored by usual massage, or a first timer in massage therapy? Perhaps you should try getting a hot stone Massage. Usually taking 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours the hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing and beneficial massage therapies around.
Category:   Fitness and Wellness
Your First Time Getting a Massage
Are you stressed? Do you need something to help you relax? Then you should try a massage. But perhaps you've never had one before, and you are nervous about getting a massage. Maybe you have concerns about...
Category:   Fitness and Wellness