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Choosing An Effective Topical Scar Treatment For Hypertrophic Scars, Surgery Scars, And Keloid Scars
Scars are an essential and necessary part of the skin's natural healing process. This is because scars develop to close and protect an open wound. If scars and scar tissue did not exist, the mortality rate would skyrocket due to the fact that...
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Keloid Scar Treatment Options: How To Get Rid Of Keloid Scars
Keloid scars are very unique as they are the only scar which can expand beyond the boundaries of the original scar. Keloids, like other scars, typically develop following a trauma to the skin. Typical skin traumas that result in Keloid scars are...
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Keloid Scars: Are Topical Keloid Scar Treatments Effective?
The development of a Keloid scar can be an extremely frustrating time in one's life. Not only are these kinds of scars often large and unseemly, but they are also extremely itchy. Unfortunately, those with Keloids sometimes take matters into their...
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The Best Scar Treatment: Scar Gels, Scar Creams, Or Silicone Scar Sheeting?
If you have a scar, you have surely asked "what is the best scar treatment?" You probably asked this because you were aware that they are dozens of different scar treatments to choose from. There are topical scar creams, scar gels, silicone scar...
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Treating Plastic Surgery Scars With Topical Scar Treatments
Plastic Surgery Scars are not what they once were. Modern plastic surgery scars are much less noticeable and are much smaller. This is because modern advancements in technology and medicine has enabled surgeons to make smaller, more precise...
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