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Caring for the Babies Umbilical Cord
When you are expecting parent all you can think of is carrying your baby home. You will be eagerly anticipating for its birth, and as soon as it comes you will no doubt be swept away in an emotional tidal wave. It will be an overwhelming feeling...
Category:   Pregnancy
Getting Your Baby to Burp
Feeding the baby for the first time might just be one of the most exhilarating and joyous things you may do as new parents. You will probably be extremely nervous the first time, but that's only to be expected and absolutely normal. It is because...
Category:   Pregnancy
Going Green With Your Child
Nearly every one of us by now knows about global warming and that the climate is changing day by day globally. It becomes as our responsibility to make sure we take initiatives to change this process and weaken the earth warming process.
Category:   Environmental
How One Can Avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Research shows that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is not related to any risk factors. A child showing some risk factors may not experience SIDS at all, while a child exhibiting no risk factors may suddenly become a victim of SIDS.
Category:   Children and Parenting
Items For Your Nursery
Setting up a nursery is a very exciting process. It is like buying a new home or a new car. Some parents are very excited that once they have determined the baby's gender, they already set out to look for the necessary items and materials to use...
Category:   Children and Parenting
Knowing How Sensitive Your Babies Skin Is
There are chances of you seeing a change in the appearance of the baby's skin after you apply the baby lotion on the body of the baby, right after the bath. There are mothers who get scared by this. The fact is there is nothing to worry and...
Category:   Skin Care
Knowing What is Involved During a C-Section
Learn Facts Before Deciding. C-sections are performed by doctors or other physicians. This procedure is done when vaginal births either pose complications or when it is not possible at all. Decisions to have a C-section are based on your doctor...
Category:   Pregnancy
Learning About Circumcision
On a medical point of view, circumcision is the act of removing the foreskin of the penis through a surgical procedure. Some cultures consider circumcision as part of a religious tradition. Some people, on the other hand, consider circumcision...
Category:   Men's Health
Making Sure Your Baby Get Nutrients
It is not that difficult. It does not matter whether the baby is breast fed or fed through bottles, it is very important that the baby gets the right amount of nutrients required for the body.
Category:   Nutrition and Diet
Staying Calm While You Are Delivering
Having a baby can be a scary thing especially if this is your first time doing it. Many new moms to be often experience what is known as delivery jitters. Hearing people continually telling you to stay calm can get a little nerve wracking so you...
Category:   Pregnancy

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