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Can a Personality Test Help You Meet Someone Online?
The simple answer is yes - definitely! Whilst using the internet is a fairly new way to find your perfect partner, it builds on - and improves on - methods of finding someone special that have served us well for centuries. These days...
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Dating a Shy Person From a Dating Service
Sometimes a good dating service can help shy people to meet others in an environment which doesn't pose the same social difficulties which might be a problem in a bar or at a party. But once you've decided to meet up with one another, you might...
Category:   Dating
Dating Service Advice: Writing a Wonderful Personal Ad
Your dating service personal ad is where you get to tell prospective partners all about yourself, your chance to make a statement of who you are and what you want. But how to make every word count, how to make your ad really attract the people...
Category:   Dating
Dating Service Tips: Choosing a Great Photo
All the research suggests that people using a dating service need to know what you look like before they'll be really ready to approach you and start emailing. More, if you haven't provided an image, people will imagine that's because you aren't...
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Is Your Perfect Match Slipping Away?
In internet dating as in other kinds of dating, not every connection works out. You might make contact with someone, feel you have a real affinity for one another, email lots and feel really good about getting to know the person. But then...
Category:   Dating
Matchmaking Tips: Are You Ready For Love Again?
Looking for love is an exciting prospect. But when your situation is that you've just suffered the loss of a love through death or through divorce, the process of matchmaking for yourself can be challenging.
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Top 5 Adventurous Dating Ideas
Adventurous dating is a great way to escape the rut of too many similar dates. Particularly if you and the person you are dating are adventurous types, the traditional dinner and a movie may not cut the mustard for your intrepid natures. Why not...
Category:   Dating
Top 5 Fun Dating Ideas
Dating doesn't have to be predictable, and you might find your date goes with far more of a swing if you kick it off with something a bit more... unusual. From the bowling alley to the arcades, if you're looking for something to do with your...
Category:   Dating
Top 5 Romantic Dating Ideas
Taking your dating partner somewhere romantic is doesn't have to mean spending a fortune at an expensive restaurant. They say the best things in life are free and some of the most memorable outings can be the ones which don't cost a penny, while...
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