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Coping With Depression in Your Teen
It's easy to forget how dramatic and difficult it can be to be young. As we get older, we envy the energy and attitude of youth, missing the days when we could stay up late and still go 100 miles an hour the next day.
Category:   Depression
How to Cope With a Rude Teenager
It seems sometimes like your child goes to bed one night as your precious little angel and wakes up the next morning as an alien being. It's the only explanation for the rude behavior of a teenager, right?
Category:   Children and Parenting
Improving Parent - Teen Relationships in Your Family
Parent - teen relationships are difficult to manage at times. Parents often joke about dreading the teen years, but the joking is a sign of the real discomfort that lurks behind every thirteenth birthday and the teen relationships parents are...
Category:   Children and Parenting
Teen Smoking Decreases Life Expectancy by Ten Years
It has often been said that people who smoke are simply killing themselves slowly, but if your teen has started smoking, he or she may be facing additional risks to his or her health that the adults don't face. Smoking is a major contributing...
Category:   Quit Smoking