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Depression - A Mental Illness!
Depression is the mental disease which makes the patients helpless in all sense. It is not only harmful for sufferer but even for the caretakers too. There should be a wide campaign about the nature and treatment about this disease.
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Depression Symptoms - Start Taking Care in the Initial Stage Only!
Clinical depression is a common disease these days because of the tense lifestyle of man. Continuous stress is one of the major causes of depression. Family problems, shock, unpleasant atmosphere, social un-acceptance are some reasons behind...
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Depression Treatment With and Without Medication
Many pregnant women experience depression during or after pregnancy. This depression can be harmful for the mother as well as the child and thus needs instant treatment for the same.
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Making the Perfect Wedding Invitation Sample!!
You plan every part of your wedding in detail, including your wedding invites. These are the most important part of your wedding.
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Natural Way to Deal With Depression!
Depression is a serious mental illness. In some worst cases it can cause suicidal death. A simple stressful way of life may help you dealing with it. here are some tips to deal with depression. Depression in teenagers is very difficult to...
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Pregnancy and Depression Together
Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most happiest times in a woman's life and probably the safest. This is not entirely true. Pregnancy can bring a mother to depression because of hormonal changes.
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Wedding Invitations: Make Your Guests Feel Precious!
Wedding invitation can be a symbol of your concern for you guests. With some innovative ideas, you can make it a greeting of affection and blended with hearty invitation. Pick some ideas from this article to please your guests.
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