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3 Reasons Why Keeping Score is Good For Your Relationship
You've been told it's death to your relationship but I'm going to give you three reasons why, when done right, keeping score is good for your relationship. It's a human nature "lemon" so you might as well make lemonade. Mother Teresa and Gandhi...
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Choosing the Perfect Gift
Gift giving can be treacherous ground but you'll have far greater success if, before you whip out your credit card, you ask yourself these questions: Does your sweetheart prefer things or experiences? I could surprise my sweetheart with...
Category:   Relationships
Prenup Agreement - Legal and Financial Issues
The laws and regulations that govern our life are staggeringly complex. No one, not even an attorney, can know them all. But, like it or not, your marriage is subject to a myriad of rules and restrictions imposed upon it by the jurisdiction(s)...
Category:   Marriage
Three Ways to Bring Playfulness (Back) Into Your Relationship
Remember when you and your sweetheart first met? You counted the minutes until you saw him again. You called just to hear her sweet voice. The air was alive with the snap, crackle & pop of sexual energy. You couldn't get enough of each other...
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