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Adult Acne - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Adult acne is one of the most common forms of acne, which appears in people whose age is over 30 years. Thousands of people have been found suffering from this disorder.
Category:   Skin Care
Belly Fat: Some Tips to Get Rid of Your Belly Fat
Nowadays look is the most important part of anyone's personality. But it's true that belly fat can harm the way a person looks. For reducing belly fat it's important that you...
Category:   Weight Loss
Dry Eye Syndrome: Causes, Treatment and Prevention
Eyes are one of the most delicate organs of our body. However, disorders like a dry eye syndrome can afflict them. This symptom is quite prevalent. It involves dryness in the eyes. It also causes...
Category:   Eyes Vision
Eczema: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Eczema is one of the most prevalent skin disorders in the world. This skin disorder has made many people perturbed all over the world. Eczema is most often, accompanied with a dry skin, which characterizes this disease. The most common symptom...
Category:   Skin Care
Medical Acupuncture: Does it Work or Not? The Fact
Today, people are quite concentrated on their health. Therefore, they try all kinds of activities of staying fit and getting rid of disorders. One of such activities is that use of acupuncture.
Category:   Medicine
Vitiligo - Causes Symptoms and Treatment
Vitiligo is a special type of skin disease that comes under leukoderma. Depigmentation is the major characteristic of this skin disease. It affects people irrespective of sex and race.
Category:   Skin Care