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James Brickman runs Feng Shui Crazy which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui interior design.

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Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks For Relationships
In Feng Shui, a duck is a symbol of good luck, and the Royal Mandarin ducks are considered an especially strong symbol. Mandarin is a name that was used to refer to officials in imperial China, and later also in Korea and Vietnam.
Category:   Relationships
Feng Shui Relationship Secrets
Feng shui relationship secrets and advice can help you create and maintain a solid relationship. Everyone wants to find their soul mate and keep them. Those who have a partner in life may want to...
Category:   Relationships
Feng Shui Space Clearing and the Auspicious Home
Feng shui space clearing is essential to improve the energy of your home. The followers of feng shui say that if the previous homeowner was plagued with failures and illnesses, then the new owner may be unhappy also.
Category:   Feng Shui
Feng Shui Wedding Tips For Newlyweds
Feng shui wedding tips can help newlyweds attract more love into their relationship. There are a number of symbols and aromas, which can be used either in the southwest part of any room (the area of Love and Marriage), or in the bedroom...
Category:   Wedding
Geopathic Stress and Its Horrific Effects on Humans
Geopathic stress is damaging stress to life (especially human) caused by radiation that beams through tectonic sutures and other underground disturbances. Studies show that the Earth "breathes" or "vibrates" unevenly, with different effects...
Category:   Fitness and Wellness
Gold Ingots and Bowls of Wealth
In China, you can see symbolic gold ingots and bowls (Yuen Bao) in many homes. According to feng shui, these powerful amulets can bring wealth and greatness to any home.
Category:   Feng Shui
Improve Your Existence Using a Feng Shui Bagua Map
The feng shui bagua map can help you strengthen all the important areas of your life. In order to identify the location of bagua zones in your home, you need a compass, a diagram of the house, and the bagua grid.
Category:   Feng Shui
Kua Number Explanation and Formula
According to feng shui, Kua number is a personal number calculated using a birth date. This number can help to determine good and bad cardinal directions for a person. There are 8 Kua directions - 4 good and 4 bad.
Category:   Feng Shui
Learning to Harmonize the Yin and Yang Opposites
The harmony of Yin and Yang is the basis of the Chinese concept of the universe. Simply put, these are any two opposites combined - feminine and masculine, dark and bright, loud and quiet, sour and sweet, high and low.
Category:   Feng Shui
Setting Up the Feng Shui Creativity and Children Sector
The feng shui Creativity and Children sector is located in the western part of any room or home (between the sectors of love and helpers) It is responsible for the success of your creative work and for the birth of babies
Category:   Feng Shui

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