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Applied Kinesiology as a Chiropractic Technique
Chiropractors may use a technique called Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Response Testing. This involves muscle testing to examine the body and identify chronic and complex health problems. An examination using standardized diagnostic testing is...
Category:   General Health
Common Therapeutic Exercises For Chiropractic Relief
Chiropractors may recommend some therapeutic exercise as part of their treatment or to enhance other treatments and help with a patient's general well being. Corrective and postural exercise may help in maintaining good spinal health.
Category:   General Health
Gonstead - A Chiropractic Treatment
Chiropractors often use a treatment called Gonstead to correct a problem in the musculoskeletal system. The only area that's adjusted is where there's a problem. A mechanically correct position and precise thrust ensure an accurate adjustment is...
Category:   General Health
Logan Basic Technique For Chiropractic Care
The Logan Basic technique is a very low force treatment that some chiropractors use. It involves the muscular structure that surrounds the sacrum and is used as a lever system. The doctor puts a light pressure on a leverage spot on the sacral bone...
Category:   General Health
Sacro Occipital Technique For Chiropractic Care
Sacro Occipital technique or SOT is an old chiropractic treatment that's still being used today. There's continuous proof of its effectiveness from clinical experience and scientific investigation. The SOT technique involves the importance of...
Category:   Medicine
The Chiropractic Hands-On Techniques
Diversified technique or Full-Spine Specific is a treatment taught in chiropractic colleges and is one of the oldest methods used. This treatment involves different adjustment techniques, mobilizations, stretches and exercises.
Category:   Medicine
Therapies Used by Your Local Chiropractor
Ultrasound therapy is used by chiropractors as one of the many combinations of treatments. This type of ultrasound is called therapeutic ultrasonograpy and is different than diagnostic ultrasound. Treatment only takes 3 to 5 minutes.
Category:   General Health

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