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Are There Alternatives to Liposuction?
Q: I am a fit 54 year old, have had a face lift and look good for my age, but I have a few fatty deposits over my hips and cellulite that don't go away with exercise and are driving me crazy. I have heard of nonsurgical fat removal - is there any...
Category:   Weight Loss
Eyelids and Brow Lifts, Questions and Answers
Q: My upper lids droop over my eyelashes and I would like to have them fixed. I have seen two plastic surgeons, one who agreed that he could help me with my upper lids, another who told me I'd have to have a brow lift as well. My brows are fine...
Category:   Eyes Vision
Oriental Eyelids and Plastic Surgery Answers
Question: I'm a 28 year old Chinese female and dislike my eyelids. My eyelids have always had a flap of skin that hangs down to my lashes. I would like to have the extra skin removed from my lids but am afraid of not looking Chinese to my family.
Category:   Eyes Vision
Which is Better: A Mid-Facelift or a Standard Facelift?
I have heard about the new mid-facelifts. How do these differ from a standard facelift, and which procedure is better? Mid-facelifts are relatively new but some surgeons have been performing them for 10-15 years. Both types of facelift procedures...
Category:   Skin Care