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Bruce Deitrick Price is the founder of, a high-level education and intellectual site. A major focus is reading; see "42: Reading Resources." Another focus is education reform; see "38: Saving Public Schools." Price is an author, artist, and poet. His seventh book is "Saving K-12- What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?"

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Are US Public Schools a Good Model for the Rest of the World?
American prestige might tempt other countries to adopt our practices. Be careful. The American Education Establishment has a penchant for promoting bad pedagogy.
Category:   Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education
Could the Education Establishment Be That Dumb?
Perhaps you saw the exchange on television. One guest said, "The administration's approach is destructive; they must be trying to hurt the country." The startled moderator exclaimed: Do you mean they're doing it on purpose? Why would you think...
Category:   Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education
Good Teachers -- Unite!!
The following plea--written 55 years ago and addressed to all the teachers of America--is still solid gold today: You are a grade-school teacher. I know that you are doing a conscientious job, that you work overtime for very little pay, that you...
Category:   Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education
Television Teaches What Public Schools Used To
Imagine the chagrin of our elite educators. They have labored for a century to purge content, facts, and knowledge from the classroom. This was a long march indeed, finally culminating in almost total victory. Students were taught little.
Category:   Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education