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Knowing Symptoms of Arthritis and Coping With It
One of the most common symptoms of arthritis is pain, usually felt in the joints. The inflamed joint feels warm to the touch, stiffens and swells. Because of the pain being felt, the person afflicted has tendency to limit his movement.
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Managing Arthritis Knee Pain
Although all forms of arthritis affects the knee joints, the most common type that causes arthritis knee pain is osteoarthritis. People who are in their 50's onwards are the most common victims of osteoarthritis. Some people also get the disease...
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The Health Benefits of African Mangoes
Whether it's to look good or simply to stay healthy, a lot of people pull out the stops to lose the extra pounds. And with this continued obsession to lose weight, there are equally as many products that have cropped up in the market promising one...
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What is Osteoarthritis?
What is osteoarthritis and what causes it? Is there a cure and treatment available? Perhaps these are the most common questions you will hear from a patient diagnosed with the disease. Generally, people are familiar with the term arthritis.
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What is the Treatment For Arthritis?
People who are diagnosed for the first time with arthritis often ask, "what is the treatment for arthritis?" Healthcare science being in constant search for cures offers a lot of options for the treatment of the disease. It can range from...
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