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Customs of the Tamil Matrimony
The Tamil people in India are well-known for their elaborate and colorful wedding rituals. These are done not just for entertainment value, but due to a strong sense of tradition and observance of their religion.
Category:   Wedding
How To Get SAP Jobs
In the USA, UK, and all over Europe, a lot of people want to find out how to get SAP jobs. That is because the market for SAP jobs is growing. While smaller industries rise, the SAP businesses also rise as a result of direct correlation.
Category:   Career Advice
The Tamil Brahmin Culture
Tamil Brahmin is not just a language or a group of people, it is a culture on its own. The name "Tamil" derives from "Damila" which refers to an ancient non-Aryan people, as documented in early Buddhist records. Their roots come from Pakistan...
Category:   Culture Concepts