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Losing Weight - Weighing In
Part of our ultimate goal in doing all this habit changing is to lose weight, of course. We've talked about making goals and keeping our eye on them, and how to set achievable benchmarks for ourselves as we do what we can to make ourselves healthier.
Category:   Weight Loss
Losing Weight and Building Confidence
Having confidence in your goal is important. It's tough to stick to something we don't believe we can do, after all.
Category:   Weight Loss
Stop Stressing - Breathe Deep
Everyone knows how important breathing is to the body. In an emergency, we can go weeks without food and several days without water or sleep. We won't be in the best of health, but it is possible to survive without these necessities in a pinch.
Category:   Stress and Anger Management
Stop Stressing - Don't Look Back
The past can be a problematic albatross to carry around. We'll forget where we left our keys 20 minutes ago, but ask us to remember an embarrassing moment from our childhood and it will come to mind like a flash.
Category:   Stress and Anger Management
Stop Stressing - Finding Choices
It's hard to make a good choice instead of a bad one. It can be even harder to go back and undo a bad choice that we made some time ago. Instead, many times we stubbornly reinforce it again and again...
Category:   Stress and Anger Management
Stop Stressing - Just Say No
As many people have commented at one time or another, we could get so much more done if there were just more hours in the day. Obligations pile up everywhere: duties at work, commitments to social groups, quality time with the family and time out...
Category:   Stress and Anger Management
Stop Stressing - Resist the Urge to Time Travel
For creatures that supposedly only exist in the present, we sure do a lot of time traveling. We worry about tomorrow, we fret over yesterday, and all the while our current status gets neglected.
Category:   Stress and Anger Management
Stop Stressing - Using Systems to Gain Control
So far, we've been focusing on using small steps and independent techniques to help deal with the stress which piles up in our lives. We know about using the STOP method to interrupt difficult thoughts, or to get our attention where we need it...
Category:   Stress and Anger Management