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Bug Out Bag - How to Build Your Own Boogie Bag
Bug Out Bags used to be only for the hard core survivalist. However with times getting more uncertain many every day people are looking to have one on hand. These bags are also known as a Boogie Bag, Go Bag, or GOOD bag 'Get Out Of Dodge'.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
How to Make Your Own Urban Survival Kit If You Work in the City
If you work in the city an urban survival kit is a must-have. What is it? It's a small, unobtrusive kit that you can grab in case of emergency like a terrorist attack, pandemic outbreak, earthquake, building evacuation etc.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Survival Foods Options - 3 Choices You Have to Prepare
In times of distress, natural disaster or even pandemics, survival foods are one of the most crucial things to have ready to go. Having adequate food to eat will help you and your family survive through the majority of emergency experiences.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Survival Supplies - Tips to Cover Your 5 Basic Needs in an Emergency
There are many ways people choose to prepare for a disaster like earthquakes, hurricanes, pandemics, terrorist attacks etc. Some store food. Some get survival kits. Some people build...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Urban Survival Tips - How To Prepare For Emergencies When You Live In The City
So What is Urban Survival? What Does it Mean? We've been hearing a lot about emergency preparedness in the news these days. The earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrine and even the recent shutdown of flights all over Europe from the volcano in...
Category:   Survival and Emergency