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K. MacKillop, a serial entrepreneur with a J.D. from Duke University, is founder of LaunchX and authors a blog focused on starting a business. The LaunchX System's comprehensive, step-by-step approach to starting a business will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to make your business startup a success. Visit http://www.LaunchX.com/ and take our Business Readiness Assessment and learn what to do next for your business startup.

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Business Startups with Bad Credit
Bad personal credit is a common stumbling block for entrepreneurs. Working for your self is the best opportunity for building wealth. While bad personal credit can make the startup process slightly more challenging, it is not a total barrier...
Category:   Funding and Financing
Cash or Accrual Basis of Accounting? Which Should You Select When Starting a Business?
One startup decision that seems to cause entrepreneurs heartburn is whether to set up their accounting system on a cash basis or on an accrual basis. Although this sounds like secret accounting code, the implications are straightforward, and, for...
Category:   Accounting
Every Business Startup is a Series of Unexpected Events - Will You Be Ready?
No matter how seasoned an entrepreneur, every business startup has its share of surprises. Certain personality traits are advantageous in dealing with rapid changes, and developing these traits will help ensure the success of your business when...
Category:   Entrepreneurship
Hiring Well When Starting a Business Can Be Critical to Success
Finding the right employees for your startup is critical. They will not only be representing your business, but they will also be representing YOU. Do your homework before you start hiring, and then hire the best people you can find.
Category:   Human Resources
Starting a Business? Should You Choose a Full-Time or Part-Time Startup
Starting your own business is a huge endeavor that takes quite a bit of time and energy. Many potential entrepreneurs have a hard time deciding whether starting a business part-time or full-time makes the most sense for them. Whatever you choose to..
Category:   Strategic Planning
Starting Your Business Smaller Can Make Your Success Bigger
Does your business idea seem too big to take on? Will it require more startup capital than you can obtain? Don't give up on owning your own company -- there are ways to modify almost any business idea into something that can be started part-time...
Category:   Small Businesses
Take Advantage of Federal Contracts for Your Business Startup
Getting on board with federal, state or local government contracts can be a boon to your venture's bottom line. Spend a little time and effort and open up a new target market -- the government.
Category:   Growing Your Business
The Art of Working A Room -- Networking Skills for Small Business
Mastering the art of effective networking marks the difference between merely successful entrepreneurs and captains of industry - the better you are at networking, the more power you wield. There are a few simple rules to follow to be successful...
Category:   Business Marketing
Top Ten Startup Mistakes That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure
Over two-thirds of new businesses fail within the first few years. Protect your business startup against these ten common startup mistakes and get on the road to a successful company.
Category:   Entrepreneurship
Women and Social Entrepreneurship -- A Growing Trend
Many women are finding that the power and privilege that comes with successful entrepreneurship make it easier to make a difference, both financially and by promoting new ideas. Combining a for-profit business with social activism provides the best..
Category:   Non Profit Organisations

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