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Bully Prevention and Character Education in Schools
An often overlooked, but very important part of education, involves bully prevention and character education in schools. Teachers are sometimes faced with these issues and they do not handle the problem well or at all because they are unsure of...
Category:   Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education
Educating Special Needs Students
Educating special needs students can be challenging. Teaching special needs requires a lot of hard work and understanding. Teaching special needs children includes teaching students with learning disabilities...
Category:   Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education
Teaching Reading Strategies With Music
It can be difficult to teach students how to read. Teachers need to first have the specific skills/methods necessary to successfully teach reading. However, teaching reading can be made easier...
Category:   Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education
The Important Role of Teacher Mentors in Education
Some may think that the aspiring teachers are the only ones that benefit from peer mentoring and coaching programs in education. However, the educators who are coaching these new teachers can learn a lot as well.
Category:   Coaching