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New Hampshire Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling provides concrete cutting and core drilling services to the contractor and homeowner in New Hampshire or NH. Visit our business website for more information on concrete cutting and core drilling.

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Adding a Precast Concrete Stairway Bulkhead to Your Home
Nowadays it pays to be aware of the choices available in the market in order to make the right decisions when it comes to improvements in the home. And with the skyrocketing price of construction materials and services, it makes sense to know...
Category:   Concrete
Concrete - Mixing to Maximize
Mixing concrete can be a challenge, but it can be done without hiring a concrete professional. However, there are three points to consider before creating a concrete mix.
Category:   Concrete
Concrete Core Drills and Concrete Core Drilling
Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling perfectly round holes through concrete walls, floors and other concrete structures. Read on to learn more about this process that is used by commercial builders for commercial building improvements...
Category:   Concrete
Concrete Cutting: Basement Remodeling Done The Right Way
Basements or cellars (depending on which part of the country you are from) are primarily seen as dark and dingy parts of a home. In most cases they are considered a useless area or are used as a "catch all" for family discards that haven't quite...
Category:   Concrete
Do It Yourself? You'd Better Think it Through!
So! You want to do your own concrete cutting, huh? My only piece of advice is: Sub it out. Professional concrete cutters make our lives so much simpler, and save us valuable time and money at the same time. Professional concrete cutters are set up...
Category:   Concrete
How to Build an Empire With Business Cards
Today, most business owners don't realize the importance of using a simple business card to generate tons of new customers. It simply does not matter what kind of business you are in, you have to utilize this primitive business technique in order...
Category:   Business Marketing
Turn Your Single Family Home Into A Legal Multi Family Home
Will it really be legal? I've heard this question asked hundreds of times, yet in my concrete cutting business, one that is crucial in the conversion process, I have seen it done hundreds of times. How you may ask? It's actually not any more...
Category:   General

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