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Marcia Yudkin is Head Stork of Named At Last, a company that brainstorms creative business names, product names and tag lines for clients. For a systematic process of coming up with an appealing and effective name or tag line, download a free copy of "19 Steps to the Perfect Company Name, Product Name or Tag Line" at

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What Science Says About Selecting the Best Business Name for Your Company
If you turn away from the idea of naming as a black art, you can find some secrets of branding in scientific studies that have been published after having been reviewed by academic authorities as reliable. Here are four points on which researchers...
Category:   Business Marketing
Who Hates Hype - And Should You Care?
For more than a decade, I've had a listening post up on this topic, observing wailing and head-scratching on both sides. On the one hand, many marketers model and advise weird, emotion-soaked headlines, fast-talking superlatives...
Category:   Copywriting
Writing Your Services Page: How to Reel in Clients Who Are Not Yet Committed
When someone arrives at the Services page of your website, they probably already read your home page, then clicked on the Services link to know more. They may or may not have checked out your bio. Either way, odds are that they come to your...
Category:   Copywriting

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