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3 Core Leadership Strategies
Did you ever learn to play chess? Not the most popular game for this century when we move at the speed of light. However, it is a vital game for anyone who...
Category:   Leadership
How to Get Along With Difficult People at Work
Dealing with difficult people at work is at the top of every complaint list from every office in every country on the planet. Guess that means it is an international problem.
Category:   Team Building
Leadership "Beauty" More Than Skin Deep
A recent study by Duke University professors indicated that men with square jaws and a strong physical presence won the "beauty" contest or should I say, the casting call for what "real" leaders are meant to look like. I wonder if this research...
Category:   Leadership
Leadership Dilemma: Not Enough Band-Aids to Cover Workplace Conflict
There has always been workplace conflict - well before the recent economic crises, the intensity of information technology, and the coarsening of society had a chance to influence our work environments. Depictions of workplace tensions are common...
Category:   Leadership
Leadership Personalities: Laid Back, Hesitant or Avoider?
Jack was a boss who loved to let his leadership team tussle with issues and come to him when they had solved the problem. Often this worked. However when the team came to a stand still, when they had heels dug in and no solutions in site they...
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Leadership Strategies and Wedgewood China
Change is hard. It's hard in the best of times and hard in the worst of times. Just ask the company that has made...
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Leadership: Reckless, Feckless, Useless
This is a call to action. The recent oil spill underlines that we have let our old, outmoded patterns of behavior forge the way. Leaders in that mess are so busy playing...
Category:   Leadership
Leadership: Recycling Emotions Responsibly
Did you ever wonder when you "throw something away" where "away" is? Follow, in your mind, a cardboard box or a soda can from wastebasket to recycle bin to landfill.
Category:   Leadership
Why Can't We All Just Get Along at Work?
I have been reading the responses to the Wall Street Journal article about workplace behavior. It is so interesting to look at the pendulum swings from "it's all about making money" to the plaintive cry from every leader "Why...
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