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Are Real Estate Notes and Land Contracts a Smart Investment?
Transfer of real property is documented through real estate notes and land contracts. These notes are also commonly referred to as seller carry back trust deeds and real estate receivables.
Category:   Real Estate Investing
Cheap Homes For Sale: Tips For Locating Bargain Real Estate
Searching for cheap homes for sale? If so, you won't have to search very long. Just drive through any neighborhood and you're certain to find numerous 'For Sale' signs. While many homes are...
Category:   Buying a Home
How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer
Hiring a divorce lawyer is never an easy task. In most instances, divorce is a highly-charged emotional event that creates substantial stress. Taking time to hire the appropriate divorce attorney can save you additional grief and heartache.
Category:   Divorce
How to Sell House Fast in a Downturned Real Estate Market?
Nearly 30,000 people searched online for "sell house fast" tips last month alone. The ever-increasing unemployment rate is causing many people to choose between feeding their family and paying their mortgage.
Category:   Marketing
Last Will and Testament: The Only Way to Have the Final Say
Executing a last will and testament is the only way to have the final say in how you want your affairs handled. The last will is used to designate beneficiaries, establish guardianship, express burial preferences and appoint an administrator...
Category:   Wills, Trusts and Estates
Probate Real Estate Investing: Insider-Secret Real Estate Investment Strategy
Probate real estate investing is a special niche not many investors know about. This investment strategy involves buying real estate held in probate. Probate is the legal process used to distribute estate assets of a person who has died.
Category:   Real Estate Investing
Sell My House Quick: Tips For Selling Houses to Real Estate Investors
As a real estate investor, people call me daily saying, "I need to sell my house quick!" The problem is most of the people who contact me are facing foreclosure and running out of time.
Category:   Marketing
Short Sale Foreclosure: Blessing or Curse to Distressed Homeowners?
Short sale foreclosure refers to two types of real estate. The first involves properties repossessed by the bank because the borrower was unable to repay their mortgage loan. This is also referred to as real estate owned (REO) or...
Category:   Foreclosures
Shortsale: Tips For Preventing Foreclosure Through Bank Loss Mitigation
A shortsale references property that is being sold for less than is owed on the mortgage note. Banks engage in this type of financial transaction for several reasons. The primary reason is short sales are less costly and time-consuming than...
Category:   Foreclosures
Using Student Loan Consolidation to Reduce Education Debt
Student loan consolidation allows post graduates to refinance multiple education loans into one new loan Borrowers can obtain a reduced rate of interest; eliminate multiple payment schedules; and lower monthly payments through consolidation...
Category:   Debt Consolidation

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