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Brief History of the Famous Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is a popular self defense weapon being widely used all over the world. The effectiveness of the device when used for defending the self has proven the worth of this handy device.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Effective Guide For Defending the Self
There is fear when we walk alone the dark street on our way home. There is fear when we are left alone in our respective homes. Fear is felt after knowing that criminals are just lurking everywhere and...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Effects of Smoking to Our Health
Smoking is dangerous to the health. This is commonly seen in advertisements, in billboards and even in cigarette packs. But how come there are still many people most especially men who love to smoke?
Category:   Quit Smoking
Fast Immobilization Achieved Through Use of Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is just one of the self defense weapons trusted by many individuals. When you have one, you can stay protected and be confident enough to wander in the streets alone.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Life Saving Things Inside Purses
Women are the most common victims of violence in almost any parts of the world. The growing population of women being involved in domestic violence is rapidly increasing and there seems to be no halt to it.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Little Known Facts on the Effects of TASER During and After the Zap
The TASER is a weapon purchased and used by citizens for protection against crimes. The use of this kind of stunning device is also used in different police departments across the globe.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Obtaining a Permit Protects Oneself From the Law
Criminals are lurking everywhere. That is why we have the handy self defense devices ready to protect us whenever we are in desperate need.
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Pepper Spray Effects and Its Duration
Oleoresin capsicum or OC spray is also commonly known as a pepper spray. This is an agent that comes in different containers used for self defense. Danger comes as a surprise that is why it is recommended that you are prepared for...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Pepper Spray Restrictions on Certain Countries
For some reasons, a lot of people travel. They can go to other places as required at work. Others go to different countries to join events like in sports while a great number of individuals travel just to have a break and enjoy the vacation in...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Self Defense Tips For a Larger Individual
Danger is everywhere. It is unpredictable and most especially you cannot tell the methods that will be used by your attacker. They can come empty handed but they possess the strength that can overpower you.
Category:   Survival and Emergency

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