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Messages From the Other Side!
Nowadays more and more people want to know what to expect when they die. They also ask me, "Where am I going to go when I die?" What is it like in spirit? Do we get to see people we loved? Do we get to meet other spirits? Do we have bodies?
Category:   Grief Loss
Preparing For 2012
With all the changes occurring in the world you don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. It's time to prepare your spirit to withstand these changes and to be strong to help those in need.
Category:   Religion and Spirituality
Women Are You a Mystery to Your Man?
In my many years as a spiritual advisor I have noticed a reoccurring theme with women. They want to love and give all of themselves to the man that they love; the problem is giving all of you leaves no mystery for the man.
Category:   Dating