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Symptoms of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are passed from one person to another via sexual acts such as oral sex, anal sex, and penetrative sexual intercourse There are currently 25 STDs known to the medical community with the most common being...
Category:   Diseases and Conditions
The Strong, Silent Type - Men's Issues That Are Quiet Killers
Many people have a tendency to think that men do not have any "issues". They tend to think that men are basically just machines that run on auto pilot all the time and live out their lives with contentment and solace. The truth is that men...
Category:   Men's Health
The Use of Psychoactive Drugs in Treating Pets With Mental and Behavioral Disorders
Pets can suffer the same mental and emotional anxieties and disorders that humans do. Common compulsive disorders of pets include phobia, aggression, and separation anxiety.
Category:   Pets
Tips For an Effective and Safe Weight Loss
If you're one of the millions of US citizens that are overweight, you might be at your wits end with your pursuit to find an effective weight reduction answer that could work for you. Trying to lose weight is one of the most challenging...
Category:   Weight Loss
What Are the Latest Environmental Issues?
We read about them almost every day. Hear it all over the news. Even watch video documentaries about them. All of this information would not matter at all if we fail to understand and be fully aware of the environmental issues threatening our planet.
Category:   Environmental
What Are the Risks of Obesity
Every year thousands of Americans suffer from obesity. While this is a problem that can be quite embarrassing for a person out in public, the other risks that are associated with it can shorten the life of a person.
Category:   Weight Loss
What You Need to Know About Depression
Are you always sad and gloomy? Have you lost interest in the activities that you normally enjoyed? Do you feel guilty or pessimistic for no real reason? Are you becoming upset easily and having thoughts of inferiority? If you answered yes...
Category:   Depression
What You Need to Know Before Getting Pet Insurance?
The growing love and adoration for pets has led to an increase in demand for sophisticated medical pet care technologies. Treatments that were once reserved for humans are now available to pets such as kidney transplants and radiation therapy.
Category:   Pet Insurance

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