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Sticky Wedding Attire Situations
In a perfect world, you would breeze through planning your wedding without a hitch. In the real world, however, problems tend to crop up, some of which are caused entirely by other people!
Category:   Wedding
Summer Rehearsal Dinner Ideas
If you are getting married this summer, this is the perfect time to plan your rehearsal dinner. Summer lends itself to all kinds of great parties, whether your taste is more casual or more elegant.
Category:   Wedding
The Post-Wedding Brunch
As the wedding day has morphed into the wedding weekend, one event that has become quite popular is the post-wedding brunch. Although some brides may cringe at the idea of another event to organize and some guests feel like enough is enough...
Category:   Wedding
The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Checklist
Are you the sort of woman who would never dream of going grocery shopping without makeup? Do you always strive to look your best in any situation? Then for your wedding, nothing short of perfection will do!
Category:   Wedding
Wedding Cake Motifs by Season
Need some ideas for your wedding cake? Why not choose a design which ties in with the time of year? These are some wonderful motifs for wedding cakes for every season.
Category:   Wedding
Wedding Cakes Inspired By Nature
One of the most special parts of any wedding reception is the cake. Always a showpiece, your cake is the perfect opportunity to express something about yourself or your wedding theme.
Category:   Wedding
Wedding Fundraisers: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Most little girls grow up dreaming of a beautiful wedding will all the trimmings. By the time you actually meet your Prince Charming, however, you have probably started to realize that a lavish wedding comes with a substantial price tag.
Category:   Wedding
Wedding Gowns: Finding "The One"
Without a doubt, the pressure to find the perfect wedding dress can feel immense, especially for brides who are working with a short time frame. These are some great tips to help you find the wedding gown that is "the one" with a minimum of stress...
Category:   Wedding
What to Wear to a Bridal Shower
One of the most special events which precedes a wedding is the bridal shower. A lovely afternoon of gift giving, snacking, and chatting, no wedding would be complete without one.
Category:   Wedding
Wish Upon a Wedding Charity
Here is a story that will warm your heart. Most of us have heard about the Make a Wish Foundation, which grants special wishes to gravely ill children. Hopefully some of you are also familiar with a wonderful organization called...
Category:   Wedding

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