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Have a Bug-Free Summer Wedding!
Summer is high season for outdoor weddings, but it also happens to be high season for pesky bugs. Don't let mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects ruin your wedding! Take a look at these tips...
Category:   Wedding
How to Find Cheap (But Nice!) Stuff For Your Wedding?
Planning a wedding can get so expensive! For many couples, spending the "typical" $20,000 - $30,000 for one day is simply impossible (and perhaps just too hard to stomach, even if they can afford it).
Category:   Wedding
How to Get Your Fiance Interested in the Wedding
Do you feel like you are the only one interested in your wedding? Do you ask your groom for his opinion, only to hear, "Whatever you think is fine"? Use these ideas to get your fiance interested in the wedding and...
Category:   Wedding
How to Make Your Wedding a Fun Party
Your wedding reception is supposed to be a wonderful celebration following the marriage ceremony. Some receptions are a blast, while others end up falling flat. This is how to make your wedding reception a fun party...
Category:   Wedding
Including a Dress Code on Your Wedding Invitation
Getting the wording on your wedding invitations just right can be tricky. And there is more to it than just figuring out how to write the names and the specific wording for the event.
Category:   Wedding
Jack And Jill Wedding Showers
The traditional bridal shower is a ladies only event. While this can be lovely, as grooms have become more involved in the entire wedding process, it makes sense that they should be included in the pre-wedding parties as well.
Category:   Wedding
Learn How to Bustle a Bridal Gown
Sure the train of your wedding gown is gorgeous, but it will be pretty hard to dance with it trailing behind you all through the reception. After the formal photographs are done, it is time to bustle your gown to get it off the floor and out of...
Category:   Wedding
Orange and Green Wedding Color Palette
At first glance, pairing orange and green might sound like a mis-match. Both are fairly strong colors, and if done poorly, they could certainly clash. However, if done well, orange and green can actually work in harmony, creating a wedding color...
Category:   Wedding
Polka Dots and Stripes in Wedding Design
Weddings are a festive occasion, so why not create a cheerful design that really says "celebration"? The traditional white and ivory weddings are lovely, of course, but it can be really fun to mix it up with bright colors and lively patterns.
Category:   Wedding
Small Ceremony, Big Reception
Some brides cannot wait for the drama of their grand entrance at the wedding ceremony, as they process down the aisle in front of hundreds of guests. For other brides, not so much!
Category:   Wedding

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