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Beach Wedding Hair Jewelry and Veil Ideas
Getting ready for a beach wedding? Then you will definitely need something gorgeous to wear in your hair! These are some great ideas for beach wedding hair and jewelry and veils.
Category:   Wedding
Beautiful Music: Picking the Perfect Band For Your Wedding
The music is one of the most important elements to set the tone for your wedding reception. A great band will create exactly the mood you desire, while a lame one will make the party a flop. These are some tips on how to pick the perfect band...
Category:   Wedding
Blue and Yellow Wedding Colors
If you love bright and cheery colors, why not design an upbeat color palette for your wedding? It is hard to beat the winning combination of blue and yellow for a palette that is timeless, works well for popular wedding months, and is easy to find.
Category:   Wedding
Budget Honeymoon Ideas
So your wedding plans are just about finalized when you come to the sinking realization that you definitely do not have enough left in the coffers to book that dream honeymoon to Hawaii. Bummer!
Category:   Wedding
Calculating Space Needed For Your Wedding
Have you ever been to a wedding that was so crowded that people were shoulder-to-shoulder on the dance floor? Or a reception that felt like a vast empty hall because it was too large for the number of guests, resulting in a party with no energy?
Category:   Wedding
Cute New Television Wedding Show
If you are reading this, you probably enjoy a wedding show on tv as much as I do. Whether you are a bride-to-be or have been married for years, there is something about watching other women plan their weddings that is always a lot of fun.
Category:   Wedding
Dealing With Summer Wedding Heat
Summer is a very popular time of year for a wedding, but it is not without its own unique considerations. Chief among those is how to make sure that everyone stays cool and comfortable, even as temperatures rise. These are some great tips...
Category:   Wedding
Fruit Wedding Favors
If you are a fan of wedding elements with a natural feeling like handmade wedding jewelry, you will love bringing that same feeling to your wedding favors. Instead of a pre-packaged favor, give your guests something fresh and juicy, straight from...
Category:   Wedding
Groomsmen Gift Ideas
Hey grooms - did you know that it is customary to give each of the men in your wedding party a special present? The groomsmen gift is a nice way to say thank you to your best man, groomsmen, and ushers (if separate from groomsmen).
Category:   Wedding
Guide to Wedding Color Selection
Choosing the right colors for your wedding will help to set the tone for the day. Think about it, they will be used in everything: the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry, the reception decorations, and even the wedding cake.
Category:   Wedding

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