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An Offshore Tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico
By now, almost everyone has heard of the great tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, with an offshore drilling platform sinking off the coast of Louisiana with 11 dead, the result of a blowout. The platform, Deepwater Horizon, was owned and ran...
Category:   Environmental
Offshore Roustabout Jobs - Where New Careers Begin on the Offshore Oil Rigs
Working as a roustabout on an offshore platform offers the prospective job seeker the opportunity of a lifetime - to break into the lucrative world of offshore employment, requiring nothing more than the desire and ability to work hard and succeed.
Category:   Career Advice
Offshore Roustabouts - The Workhorses of the Offshore Drilling Industry
Offshore roustabouts are the workhorses of the offshore oil industry, and if you are looking for a new job or career, then you may have found the perfect match - the need for roustabouts offshore is high and going higher. The work is hard...
Category:   Career Advice
Offshore Welding Jobs - Secrets To Becoming An Oil Rig Welder
Becoming an offshore welder is primarily a matter of experience and preparation; the opportunity is always there for those who are both prepared and diligent. If becoming a welder offshore is an ambition of yours, then there is a pretty set...
Category:   Career Advice
Roughneck Jobs - The Timid Need Not Apply
The 1990s movie Armageddon starring Ben Afleck and Bruce Willis introduced the roughneck to the world on the big screen. The roughneck is someone who works or is employed in an oil field. Whether at land or sea in rigs, there are many kinds of...
Category:   Career Advice

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