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5 Tips For Basic Obedience Training With Dog Treats
Depending on what command you are working on, dog treats will be used in different ways. However, before you begin obedience training, there are a few general tips and suggestions that all dog owners should be aware of.
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Healthy Practices: When Should I Give Dog Treats to my Pet?
Tips for Dog Treats: Avoid Overfeeding with Proper Timing. Some pet owners take a very easy going approach to dog treats. While this can work out alright, your pet's health should be a top priority. Dog treats can become a problem when they...
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Positive Training With Dog Treats
There was a time when negative dog training was often used. Rather than only rewarding the desired behavior, punishment was given for incorrect behavior. Canines are naturally inclined to work, and most have a strong desire to learn as a way to...
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Should You Potty Train Your Pet With Dog Treats?
There is some controversy between dog owners about whether or not dog treats should be used in potty training. Some say that the reward encourages their pet to only relieve themselves outside while others believe that the reward can confuse...
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The Bow: Show Your Pet a New Trick With Dog Treats
Dog treats are a great tool when training your canine companion. If you are searching for a new trick that is relatively easy, then consider adding the bow to your pet's portfolio. Before you begin, make sure you have already gone over the basics...
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Tips For Hosting a Successful Dog Party
Dog parties are becoming a popular event for pets and their owners. Although it may sound silly, throwing a party for your dog can be a good experience for your pet and a great opportunity for you to socialize with your fellow canine enthusiasts.
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