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How to Plan Your Own Wedding and Save Yourself Hundreds of Dollars
Planning Your Own Wedding? 5 Money-Saving Tips. Do you know that most wedding vendors pad their charges so that you end up paying more than you have to? Cake cutting fees, gasoline fee, consulting fee -- these charges are so ridiculous you...
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Wedding Planning Advice
So, the man you love asked you to marry him, and you said yes. This is where the real work starts. You will have to start planning for your wedding. Where do you begin? How do you start? Do you worry about the wedding dress and the flowers first...
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Wedding Planning Etiquette
Wedding Planning Etiquette: To Ask or Not to Ask? Who Pays for What? Discussing money is never easy, especially for couples who do not know the first thing about wedding planning etiquette. Moreover, the answer to your money questions are...
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Wedding Planning: 7 Steps to Help You Plan Your Wedding
Feeling overwhelmed by all the notes you have to make, the suppliers you have to talk to, the appointments you need to show up for, and all the budgeting you will need to do? Slow down, breathe, and do step by step wedding planning.
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