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Bill Platt is the owner of The Phantom Writers at: He specializes in distributing free-reprint articles to help his clients to promote an online businesses or a book. If you would like someone to help pay for the costs of article distribution, consider the co-op advertising program at:

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Article Marketing Secret: How To Identify and Write For Your Target Market
Many people question as to what topic they should choose to write their articles... Fortunately, the short answer is simple... Write articles that appeal to your target market. But what does that mean exactly? This article will guide you through...
Category:   Article Marketing
Article Marketing Success Secret: Give Them What They Want
Some people find great success with article marketing, while others think its proponents are full of bull. The difference between the winners and the losers in article marketing is most frequently defined when the writer sits down and begins...
Category:   Article Marketing
Book Authors: How To Sell More Books And Get Your Publisher Active
It is an unfortunate reality that most people who write books believe that their publisher will always put their best foot forward, to promote their book. In the real world, it does not quite work that way.
Category:   Book Marketing
Have We Really Seen The Death Of Article Marketing?
Article marketing has been an effective method of website promotion that has literally been used since the inception of the public Internet. I have been online since November of 1995, and even in those early days, I would read people's articles and..
Category:   Article Marketing
How To Inspire Yourself To Write Articles Others Will Want To Read
Anyone engaged in writing articles for offline publications or online business has occasionally struggled with the question of "What to write?" This article documents the methods this writer uses to find inspiration and processes this writer uses...
Category:   Article Marketing
How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Article Marketing Campaigns
I frequently rant on Internet marketing and some of the gurus who try to bend your ear. Why? Because many of these so-called gurus trash everything that makes sense in this Internet world, especially when they realize that they cannot make money...
Category:   Article Marketing
Stop Wasting Time and Money With Your Article Marketing
Online marketers are always arguing for or against the value of article marketing. Many will argue that article marketing could provide real traffic and sales to ones' website, and furthermore, article submission has the potential to offer...
Category:   Article Marketing
Successful Article Marketers Help Readers Solve Problems
Every week, I have the opportunity to speak with people about the benefits and challenges of using article marketing to promote an online business. Article marketing is about getting your sales message in front of potential customers and to get...
Category:   Article Marketing
The Power of Free Reprint Articles and the Terms of Reprint
As a writer of free-reprint articles, I know full well the intentions of the writer*s who make their articles available to publishers and webmasters as *free* content. When the game is played correctly, the free web content is able to provide value..
Category:   Article Marketing
Top 10 Reasons Why Online Marketers Fail With Article Marketing
If you've been marketing products online for any length of time, you've likely heard people talk about the power and promise of article marketing for the promotion of your online business. Unfortunately, many online marketers have tried to utilize...
Category:   Article Marketing

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