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Bill has been studying how to flirt and How to Approach Women for the last 5 years as a guest instructor at the top Pick Up Artist boot camp in NYC.

He has been teaching guys how to become their best self and develop the type of lifestyle that women love. Some would call him a pick up artist, but in reality he is just a guy who wants to meet and date amazing women.

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Dating and Blood Type
Maybe you haven't met the right person yet because you have been dating women with a blood type that is incompatible with yours. Yes, you read this right. According to a BBC report, in Japan there is a "widespread belief that blood type...
Category:   Dating
Do Women Want a Mama's Boy?
As you might have already realized, I like to infiltrate the other side and find out just what women want and then bring that information back to you. One advice that I hear frequently is don't date any guy who is a jerk to his mother.
Category:   Dating
Five Tips to Overcome Shyness
A lot of times the only thing stopping you from approaching that beautiful woman of your dreams is your own shyness. You know if you could just get to know her, she would see what a great guy you are and how much you have to offer, but you...
Category:   Self Improvement
How Do You Know She's The One?
Some guys want to learn about how to attract women because they want to be players. They want to date as many women as they can as often as they can. And that's...
Category:   Dating
How To Avoid Running Out Of Things To Say?
Have you ever been afraid to approach a woman because you are worried that you will have nothing to say? Are you worried that even if you can start a conversation that eventually you will be sitting there staring at each other in silence?
Category:   Dating
How to Flirt
It almost always begins with a glance. It could be across a crowded room. It could be a look as you pass one another on the sidewalk. That glance is the first step in learning how to flirt.
Category:   Dating
How to Get a Girlfriend
Are you tired of being single and want to meet that special someone? Look no further. So you've conquered your fear of approach anxiety. You can walk up to any woman and...
Category:   Dating
How To Meet Women At The Bookstore
As I've mentioned before, a bookstore is a great place to meet women. It is a warm, comforting peaceful environment that is the polar opposite of trying to meet a woman in a dance club.
Category:   Dating
It's Not Easy - Even For Chimps
Do you find it difficult to attract a woman's attention? Are you unsure what to do? Do you think if only she would look at you or give you a minute or her time, she would see how wonderful you are and want to spend more time with you? Sometimes...
Category:   Dating
Pick Up Artist Advice
Being successful with women and dating takes effort, practice and a general attitude of self-improvement. If you are looking to learn funny pick up lines or just become better at being social with women in bars, clubs or just on the street or...
Category:   Dating

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